This Feeling Is For You


1. Prolouge


            The music in the club was vibrating and making the pulse of every hormone crazy teen in the place thump faster and faster. The smell of sweat and desperation was a constant reminder that I had no cares in the world. As the music played louder, I moved my body faster and harder to the beat. Nobody in that moment could stop me. I was heartbroken. Brett had broken my heart into pieces that I felt could never be re-pieced. That stupid piece of shit. Every time I thought of his face, I wanted to burst into tears. This seemed like my only outlet to getting out of this stoop and letting go of the world. I would just move; be alone in my little world. Daenerys, my best friend, had a look of pure ecstasy on her face at my recent change, I had chosen to let go. I chose to stop being the 18 year old who sat at home with her parents every day, watching Wheel of Fortune. It was time for me to have a life and to stand on my own. Brett had been my only outlet, I could escape with him. All the time we spent just cruising, enjoying each other’s company. All the passionate times that we had had sex. He was my first. I had given him something sacred. Something my parents had almost disowned me for. What I had saw as making love, he had seen as just a fuck. I was another notch in his bedpost and my life was in ruins. He had been my everything, or so I had thought. I thought that I had been enough for him. That I was his one and he mine, but no. He was busy handling me and two other girls. Two other girls that still had no clue about each other. I wish them the best, and pardon me if I seem like a bitch for not feeling obligated to inform them of one another. Brett was playing all of us, but I was the first to get out.

            “Are you okay?” Dani shouted over the music. It was hot and I just needed more. More sweat, more forget, more everything.

Nodding my head, yet not slowing, I shouted back,

“I’m fine. I just need to get laid. I want to forget him and everything we had!” As if on cue, a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist. Pulling me close and moving to every beat with me attached to his pelvis. A small moan escapes my lips as I begin to panic, yet I continue to move to the beat with this rhythmically talented soul. Turning around to face the pervert who I couldn’t detach myself from. I was faced with the most beautiful stranger that I had ever seen. Eyes the color of ice and a smile so pure. Fresh, “I just got fucked” hair sat atop his head, hanging in his eyes, I just wanted to brush it away. At a loss for words, the only reasonable action that came to my mind was to run my hand down his chest. Chiseled abs blessed my hand with bumpy kisses. Who was this man? I turned to see if Dani was seeing this miracle that was happening. To my dismay, she had disappeared, probably on her way to find some boy she could lure home tonight. I turned back to find the man looking at me.

“You’re beautiful” He says, bending down to place a kiss on my temple. His lips were of the smoothest caress. I shut my eyes as my heart was pounding harder in this moment than the dancing had made it. I had no clue who he was, but I was down for whatever he sent my way. I was at a complete loss of words. The stranger leaned back down towards my ear, letting out a low chuckle as he proceeded.

“I’m Blaze and you’re coming home with me”, he whispered in my ear. With that he pulled my hand and led me towards the door.

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