percy and sara jackson book 1

being a halfblood is dangerous. Especially when you're a child of the three gods


12. Sara

         I woke with a start and a saw a boy about my age with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was pouring what looked like apple juice. He placed down the glass and looked over at me and saw I was awake.  The boy said his name was Carter, he handed me the drink and said it would make me feel better.  The drink tasted nothing like i expected, in fact it tasted like my mom's blue chocolate cookies, I retracted at taste, my mom she was gone thanks to the worlds greatest nightmare at least I hoped this was a nightmare. I asked Carter where I was, he said we were at camp half- blood, then to finish my drink, Carter was right the drink did make me feel better. I peered over to the bed next to mine and noticed Percy drooling in his sleep, left arm in cast. A blond girl maybe 12 years old was feeding him a yellow pudding, I asked who she was and what these strange drinks were. He said that she was Annabeth his half sister, the drink was nectar and the pudding stuff was ambrosia. Carter said that since I was awake we may as well go see the director, when we got there I saw my Latin teacher and some pudgy man. I asked Mr. Brunner why he was here he said that Mr. Brunner was only 1 of his names. He told me the old pudgy man was Mr. D.  I asked Mr. D what the d stood for, really Chiron I thought you thought these kids the basics muttered Mr. D. I ran though a list of all the Greek gods that started with D and leopard shirts, Dionysus! I almost shouted your Dionysus? Mr. D looked at me like I was crazy of course I am he announced I looked him straight in the eye and said but those are all myths like Zeus, Hephaestus, and Hermes, thunder rumbled across the sky, I'd be careful throwing those names around like that. Mr. D said yes i am Dionysus sarcasticly , bbbbut those are just myths ! I exclaimed, Mr. Brunner asked are they really he asked if i would like it if hundreds of years from now thought of Sara Jackson as a myth to get over lost mothers no i answered,he nodded and neither do  the Greek  gods. Then he moved around in his wheelchair as if he were going to get up right then then as he got up i thought he had  long velvety underwear then realized they  were actually the bottom half of a white stallion from neck down. Now for a tour, Carter would you like to join us? asked Chiron. While we walked around camp Chiron answered some of my questions, then he asked Carter to continue the tour because he had to teach masters archery class, as we walked I asked who his parents were. He said cabin 7 or Athena goddess of wisdom and battle stradegy. Then we walked towards a old run down cabin and he said this was cabin 11 or Hermes god of thieves, travelers, merchants, and more and that all the unclaimed campers and children of Hermes stayed there. I asked how long I'd been out and if we could go check on Percy, Carter said I'd been out for around 3 days, as we neared the big house and infirmary I noticed something move in the attic window, I asked Carter what lived up there he said nothing not one single living thing. when we came into the infirmary Percy had just woken up and Annabeth was harassing him with questions which his only answer to were no and i dont know. I ran over and asked if he was feeling ok he said he'd felt better but at least he was alright. Annabeth helped Percy up to meet Mr. D then we'd talk about Chiron later.


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