percy and sara jackson book 1

being a halfblood is dangerous. Especially when you're a child of the three gods


10. Sara

maybe I'm having a nightmare i hope so because now my brother and his friend are both unconcustious, mom told me to drag Percy and Grover across the property line and she would distract the minotaur. So I tried when I had dragged then both over ( they weren't  very light ) mom was cornered I ran towards her but was to late she had disappeared into golden dust, I am just so mad at that thing !!!!! I started dodging the minotaur like mom said it ran straight towards me and I forgot to dodge, so I jumped up and used its head as a board and launched my self over its head. One of its horns was stuck  into the tree behind it I took the horn outraged and just as it charged I took the horn and jutted it outward and the beast crumbled to flour I ran to the border , and then I saw a girl and familiar looking man the girl told the man that maybe we were the ones just as I started to pass out


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