percy and sara jackson book 1

being a halfblood is dangerous. Especially when you're a child of the three gods


6. Sara

   As we rushed  to my mom's apartment  Grover yelled Mrs. Jackson?

 Is anybody home? Gabe my stupid horrible stepdad yelled Sally the two freaks

are here and they brought some kid with them .i looked over at my brother who 

grited his teeth and said hey Gabe can you please excuse us for just a minute!

Gabe walked up and held Percy by his shirt against the wall and said you next girl 

to me. He yelled at my brother and said this is my house if you aren`t going to treat 

with respect you are going to get it and your little sister. That was the last straw I

made ait an looked over at Percy who smiled the punched Gabe in the gut. 

He tried to jump on me but Grover who insisted he was out  protecter even through

he had crunches he hit Gabe in the forehead . Then he said Mrs Jackson we need to go


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