percy and sara jackson book 1

being a halfblood is dangerous. Especially when you're a child of the three gods


13. percy

I blinked my eyes open slowly and peered over towards the door, Sara and some guy with dark brown hair walked over, Sara asked if i was OK I told her I was alright and that she didn't need to worry as they left a  blond girl popped out of nowhere and asked whats happening at the summer equinox meeting and what was stolen, I had no Idea. she said her name was Annabeth Chase daughter of Athena, she handed me a glass of what looked like iced apple juice, but it tasted nothing like what it looked like it was warm,and my moms cookies she used to give me when I was small. I tried to ask Annabeth where I was  you're at Camp Half-blood and Annabeth announced before I even spoke a word, and no I cant read minds Percy. I sat there with my mouth wide open

makes sense she is the daughter of Athena i thought to my self. Wait Athena is a Greek goddess right? so the Greek gods are real?! i said, Annabeth stood next to me pretty calmly and said ya they are  now come with me.

she lead me to a huge barn house and up to the porch were my Latin teacher Mr Brunner, and some pudgy man sat playing cards, I'm guessing Sara's done with her tour?

yes Mr Brunner said. Hermes cabin for now. would you show Percy to Hermes as well

yes Chiron Annabeth said

CHIRON!?  so your name isnt Mr. Brunner?

well Percy I'm afraid that was simply a disguise.

Wait WHAT?? you are Chiron like in the myths!? Would you like to be called a myth one day Perseus?

No sir,  in my mind i was thinking i totally hate it when people call me Perseus, I mean I ask to be called Percy!

Annabeth started to show me around when we passed a cabin painted a messy blood red with barb wire around the top, she told me it was the Ares Cabin , in side there was a big girl in an camouflage army jacket who seemed to be in charge. We passed Athena cabin were Annabeth stayed there was a bunch of books inside and a smart board.

We reached a cabin that looked like a regular cabin from a regular summer camp Annabeth said it was Hermes cabin

she said Sara and I would be staying there until we were claimed by our dad.

when we went inside the cabin was packed!, a tall blond dude introduced him self as Luke son of Hermes, and the two mini versions of him were talking to Sara, Luke said they were the Stolls, sons of Hermes like him.




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