percy and sara jackson book 1

being a halfblood is dangerous. Especially when you're a child of the three gods



May be I've said this before but Yancy field trips are a bore but this one's is one of Mr. Brunner's field trips so I have hopes. On the bus ride there Nancy , started throwing pieces of peanut butter at grover my friend. I started to get really angry  but Grover started to calm me down and said it's okay I like peanut butter. Grover he's kind of easy to pick on he uses cruches and is kind of scrawny he walks a little weird too. When we got there Mr. Brunner started to give us a tour of the mueseam towards the end Mrs. Dodds my prealgebra teacher called me over. She took me to this section of the mueseam where no one was there now because I have adhd and dyslexia I couldn't read the sign clearly but I'm pretty sure it said the room was off limits. As she dragged me in there she shouted where is it? I answered what are you talking about she turned into this huge monster thing and tried to attack me! Thats when Mr. Brunner and Grover entered the room. Mr. Brunner through this pen and said push it Percy so i did it turned in to a sword I reconizied the sword from class he always pointed it to the board for quiz games. I took the sword and cut her in two later I asked the others about mrs. Dodds they said there was no Mrs Dodds exept when I asked grover he kind of told me no but I could tell now that he and Mr. Brunner had been lieing.  As soon as I realised that grover shouted Percy get Sara now!!! WE HAVE TO GO NOW!!!!!!! That's when we ran to my moms house

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