percy and sara jackson book 1

being a halfblood is dangerous. Especially when you're a child of the three gods


5. authors note and character making

 okay so Sara and Percy need new friends please tell me the name of your charcter and choose a parent from the list below. Please list who you want your chareter to look like and age thanks! And also I will also be using only some of the charaters so please do not feel bad thank you

please choose from these options for your charecters parent please

Ares - god of war

Aphrodite - goddess of beauty and love

Athena- goddess of wisdom and battle strategy

Hermes - messenger of the gods

Hephaestus - god of fire and blacksmithing

those are the only choices to choose from ;)



if you would like to be a co - author in this movella please tell me

thank you so much !!! - ALE03

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