Angela had her heart broken before and it was horrible. She built walls up around her, everywhere to block people out. She only let her best friend, Rai, in. One night Rai drags her to a One Direction concert and meets the whole band.
3 months later Angela and Rai compete in a karaoke contest. Despite all of Angela's attempts Rai shoves her on stage and she is forced to sing. Even though, she hasn't sung in six years. When Angela and Rai sing One Direction walks in and insists that they go on tour with them.
On the tour Angela does something remarkable; She falls in love. 3 out of the 5 boys in the band fall in love with her! Who will she choose? Will that person break her heart? Will he mend it back together? Read this story and find out!
Rai has always been in love with Niall Horan. Even though, he has a girlfriend. When he falls for her too, what will happen? What happens when somebody from the band falls in love with her too?! These questions will all be answered! Just read!!!!!!!


6. Oh, Angela

         *Rai's P.O.V.*

     Angela and Zayn walk back into the room. Angela must not have her phone because she is sulking and has ear buds in. We (the band and I) were all doing our best not to eavesdrop, but we heard a lot of yelling ant tumbling.

     Angela keeps shooting Zayn daggers from her eyes and I'm guessing that he took her phone away from her. He may die tonight. I know how she loves her iPhone. She just got it a week ago and she's been waiting for 3 YEARS! He's gonna get plenty of pay back. One time, she didn't speak to me for 3 days when I accidentally got out iPhones mixed up! I just am going to wait patiently until she blows up on him. He might even cry! I know how ruthless she can be. 

     I start getting ready to leave and say my goodbyes when she blows up. I'm not even kidding, but when I say Hades broke loose, I mean HADES BROKE LOOSE! It felt like it was all in slow-motion. She attacks Zayn and he flies to the ground. They tumble a bit and she is on top of him. Then he flips her over and pins her down. 

     "GIVE ME MY PHONE!" She yells, like a maniac. There's a wild look in her eye that I've seen too many times before. Her eye is all dilated and she looks completely insane. I burst out laughing. Nobody else is laughing with me. All of the guys stare at her like she's gone mad.

     "If you knew her better, you'd understand," I then start laughing again when I see Zayn's face. He looks seriously scared. 

     "Don't worry. She's too weak to kill you. The worst she's done is land somebody in the hospital with a coma. I'm pretty sure that won't happen to you," I wink. He looks even more scared and is looking at her like she's feral. "I'm just kidding. The most she could do is bruise up your face. And that's a LITTLE. I mean, are you really scared of that tiny little thing?" I tease.

     "Guys," Zayn says, still terrified. "You know my emergency numbers, right?" Angela stops struggling and takes advantage of his guard being down and strikes. She's cries out a HUMONGOUS and meaningful battle cry and  attacks him with slaps and hits. There's no way she's hurting him, because she isn't strong enough, but it's fun to watch her try. She's mostly aiming at his face.

     "Bloody, Hades," Harry says.

     "We should probably help him out a little," Louis, agrees.

     "Can we have five more minutes?" Liam asks.

     "No, come on," Niall says. "He needs our help. No need to be a wuss."

      "I'm sorry about her," I say towards the guys, but mostly to Niall.

      "It's fine. She is a laugh riot!" Louis exclaims.

    "Ya, she's cool" Harry agrees.

     "On three men," Niall says. "One... Two... THREE!" They all then run towards Zayn and Angela. Five minutes later Angela steps out of the fight with them all still grabbing at each other. She claps her hands together with a really smug smile resting on her face. I stare at her in awe and she just shrugs. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her phone.

   "I've had it even before they went in. I just had to get pay back and teach Zayn a lesson," she smirks.

    "Oh, Angela. What have you done to the poor boy?" I sigh.

    "You'll see," she smirks again and chews on her lips, playing Candy Crush. Even though she plays it constantly she's still a HORRIBLE player and is REALLY far behind me. She's only on level 21! I'm on 98, I think.

    "They're doing more damage than I ever could," she says. I look at her, then back at the boys, and then back at her. They're all blindly fighting, ,grabbing at each other's ankles, snatching up their hair, etc. She and I then burst out laughing and she coos, "Oh, boys." They all immediately stop and look up. They then look at each other and break apart. "You did more damage to each other than I ever could," she says, repeating what she told me.

     We all laugh and I look at my watch. "Well, our time's up. We should probably head back to Britain now, Angela."

   "I had fun watching you guys fight, horribly," Angela taunts with a smirk.

    "I don't think that I've ever seen her this impressed since when I screamed on a merry go round," I accidentally say out loud. "Gosh! Why can't I keep my bloody mouth shut already?!" 

    The boys all laugh and come up to us. They wrap us in a really big bear hug. I wanted it to last forever, but Angela made sure that it was known that she didn't. "All of you better get off before somebody looses a finger," she threatens. They start warming up to her and I know because they aren't frightened. 

     "You couldn't hurt a fly," Zayn taunts.

     "Oh, really? I was just going easy on you Malik. By the way, you might want to tell that to your swoosh in the front," she shoots back. We all immediately look up at his hair and notice that the "swoosh" that was usually in the front is now gone.

     "How did you get scissors in here?!" Harry exclaims staring at how Zayn keeps patting his used-to-be swoosh. 

     "I should be able to have some secrets," Angela laughs. "Warning: there's going to be more of that, Malik if you ever happen to capture my phone again. Well, good bye!" With that she skips out the door and tosses his hair down on the ground and stomps on it multiple times. I swear that I can here Angela playing Nicki Minaj's song called: Boss Ass Bitch as she walks out the door. He collapses to the ground and picks up his hair. He then starts crying uncontrollably.

   "Sorry, you guys! Angela is a little crazy. If we ever meet again you'll learn to love her! Bye!" I then blow Niall a kiss, awkwardly pat Zayn's shoulder, mumble an apology only to him, rush out of the room, and THEN go find Angela.

    A/N Hey, guys. This is Rebel here, at this moment. I just wanted to tell you that Carmen (Crazy Chicka) and I kinda based this on us if we ever met One Direction. Angela is based on me and Rai is based on Carmen. I would actually probably make somebody go into the hospital if they touched my iPhone. I don't have one now, but WHEN I get myself one that would happen. I am totally crazy. We love our fans and the people who favorite this! The story about Rai screaming on the merry go round is TRUE! It was SO FUNNY! We are actually best friends in REAL LIFE! THANK YOU FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BA!




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