Angela had her heart broken before and it was horrible. She built walls up around her, everywhere to block people out. She only let her best friend, Rai, in. One night Rai drags her to a One Direction concert and meets the whole band.
3 months later Angela and Rai compete in a karaoke contest. Despite all of Angela's attempts Rai shoves her on stage and she is forced to sing. Even though, she hasn't sung in six years. When Angela and Rai sing One Direction walks in and insists that they go on tour with them.
On the tour Angela does something remarkable; She falls in love. 3 out of the 5 boys in the band fall in love with her! Who will she choose? Will that person break her heart? Will he mend it back together? Read this story and find out!
Rai has always been in love with Niall Horan. Even though, he has a girlfriend. When he falls for her too, what will happen? What happens when somebody from the band falls in love with her too?! These questions will all be answered! Just read!!!!!!!


9. My First Day

     *Rai's P.O.V.*

     Today is Angela and my first day at high school. We barely have any of the same classes together. She and I are both very bummed. We only have English, PE, and Study Hall.

     I know how Angela can get around strangers and I'm worried about her. The last time I left her alone was when Zayn Malik went to find her and ended up making a deal with her. And well, you know how well that ended.

     We are in both in my house, grabbing a bite to eat before we go off to college. Angela told me that in the middle of the night from Zayn Malik. At first I didn't believe her, but when I saw how many times he called and WHEN he called I was very shocked. She seemed really pop corned. I mean, I would probably be a little bit, too. But, when Angela is woken up early you better be prepared for a blood bath. I hope that we never see him again, because if we do, he may die. I'm not even kidding.

     We then both grab our crappy-aspirin bikes and head to school. At least we're going to be in the same dorm room... As we get to the school we see lines that have homeroom teacher signs and go our separate ways. All day long, my mind is foggy about Angela. I wonder how she's doing without me. I am in Chem. 2 and a beaker explodes on me.

     "Miss Carpenter! Pay attention!" My teacher, Mr. Holmes shouts. My next period is PE, with Angela and then I can catch up with her. I've heard some rumors about somebody freaking out and I wonder who it was. As I head towards gym I see Angela talking to the nurse in the hallway. I make a beeline straight towards them and as soon as the nurse leaves I pounce on an unsuspecting Angela.

    "What was that about?" I ask Angela.

    "Ehhh, well," she says stretching the "l" out. "I kinda sorta had a panic attack in the middle of my first period math class because you weren't there and I was sent to the nurses office. There she changed my schedule and now we have the same schedule," she says the words so fast that I can barely understand her, but I end up rewinding the words in my head. I'm very touched that she needed me. It makes sense to me, because I'm the only one she has right now and she's probably a bet scared. I was terrified, myself to be without her.

    "Awwwww," I gush. I want to tell her about the really cute guy in our homeroom, but we haven't really talked about them since the Johnny Incident. We then go through the rest of the day together and grab McDonalds to eat.

     A/N Hey there stranger that is apparently reading this movella. It's Carmen here and I just want to tell you a few things. First of all, Rebel wouldn't have a panic attack without me. Yes, that'd be cool and make me feel special, but she doesn't. Last year, at school, we didn't have ANY of the same classes, but we made time for each other. She would always constantly sneak over to my lunch table and she got caught once or twice. We think that eventually the teacher got it through his thick skull that she was staying and there was nothing he could do about it so he gave up. We always have lots of fun together and we will always make time for each other. Well, I guess that's it! I'll see you on the flip side! (Rebel BEGGED me to say that.) Ta ta!

     -Carmen/Crazy Chicka

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