Angela had her heart broken before and it was horrible. She built walls up around her, everywhere to block people out. She only let her best friend, Rai, in. One night Rai drags her to a One Direction concert and meets the whole band.
3 months later Angela and Rai compete in a karaoke contest. Despite all of Angela's attempts Rai shoves her on stage and she is forced to sing. Even though, she hasn't sung in six years. When Angela and Rai sing One Direction walks in and insists that they go on tour with them.
On the tour Angela does something remarkable; She falls in love. 3 out of the 5 boys in the band fall in love with her! Who will she choose? Will that person break her heart? Will he mend it back together? Read this story and find out!
Rai has always been in love with Niall Horan. Even though, he has a girlfriend. When he falls for her too, what will happen? What happens when somebody from the band falls in love with her too?! These questions will all be answered! Just read!!!!!!!


10. My Birthday (Part 1) *3 Months Later*

     *Angela/Freak's P.O.V.*

     Today is my birthday. I'm so happy that it's on a Friday this year. Yes, I still have homework from College, but it's still going to be really cool. Rai and I are going to get out party on at some fun bar, I think. At least, that's what she told me. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to carry her out of the party myself and then nurse a hangover in the morning. For her, of course. I don't drink. Never have, never will. 

     Rai and I have already gotten back to our dorm from college. Today the class sang the Happy Birthday song to me and I hated it, mostly. Some of it was a BIT fun. They gave me a nickname that's Freak, but they're just joking around. We all have crazy and a little bit offensive nicknames for each other.

     There's Sofia (A.K.A. Juno). She got the nickname, because she got pregnant at our first college party. Personally, being the virgin that I am, I don't approve of her methods to feel better about her life. Then there's Mia (A.K.A. Gymmy with a G). She absolutely LOVES gymnastics, resulting in us calling her Gymmy. Then there's Piper (A.K.A. Hyper Piper). We call her that because she has ADD and ADHD. Then there's Caroline (A.K.A. Crazy Caroll). She is absolutely insane. Rai (A.K.A. Pocket Full of Sunshine). She is called that because everybody thought that Rai's name was spelled with a "y" at the end and not "i" AND because in the middle of a test she was sneaking ear buds so it would help her focus and she was singing "I got a pocket full of sunshine" over and over again. Then there's Brandon (A.K.A. Dopey). He is always cracking corny jokes and he his this dopey look on his face that makes him laugh ALL THE TIME. Then there's Matt (A.K.A. G.S.). G.S. stands for German Shepards because it's his favorite animal and it's all he talks about. Then there's Jesse (A.K.A. Afro). He's called that because he has a mini Afro. My whole class doesn't have nicknames, just my friends do. We were all debating on what to call each other. I was the one that made a list and if somebody liked the name for another person and/or them self they would put a tally next to the name. I wrote the reasons why for the names and who they belonged to.

     Today was lots of fun at school. I'm just finishing up a little homework and then I'm going to get dressed. Crazy Caroll, Gymmy, Hyper Piper, Pocket Full of Sunshine, me, G.S., Afro, and Dopey are all going to head to the bar together. Juno isn't coming because of the baby. All we're really going to do is go, get crazy (not me), and have fun. At least, that's what we're planning to do. 

     "Hey, Freak. Ya in here?" I hear Hyper Piper call through the door. 

     "Yeps, I'm in here! I thought I had another half an hour to change and finish up homework!" I yell back.

     "You do. I just have a gift for you and I want you to wear it at the party! Now open the stinking door before I break the hinges off!" She threatens. "Where's Pocket Full of Sunshine?"

     "She went to go check out the bar to make sure it's okay," I say. I stumble towards the door, because my feet are asleep. I open the door and I have to look up to see her face. I have to look up to see everybody's face. I then say, "Welcome to both mine and Pocket Full of Sunshine's humble abode." She snorts a laugh and walks in. She has something in a big bag. She always likes to get ready early, because she always has enough time on her hands.

    She lays the big bag on my bed and opens it up. There are a few dresses and ONLY high heels. I'm scared about what she'll make me wear... 

      "Okay, where to begin? Try this on," she tells me handing me a navy blue silk dress that goes to the floor and matching high heels. Obeying her, I go into the bathroom and put them on. "Ehhh, turn around."

    "I don't think I can," I say.

    "Fair enough," she hands me another dress with a pair of shoes and tells me to try them on. I almost fall on my face back towards the bathroom. This time it's a lime green dress that is a little shorter than the first one that goes past my knees and the shoes are even higher and I actually fall on my butt, this time. I shake my head no vigorously as I fall down. Hyper Piper laughs really hard and promises, "Last dress."

    It's a black leather dress and it's really short. It shows a lot of skin and doesn't have straps. At least the shoes aren't high heels. This time they are black combat boots that lace up to my middle shin. This outfit that she gave me also has black biker gloves and a black leather jacket. I walk out of the bathroom and I feel so naked.  

    "Perfect," Hyper Piper breathes. Knowing that it'd be pointless to put up a fight because she has more energy than I do, I don't put up a fight. 

    "Don't you think it shows too much skin?" I ask trying to pull it down a bit more over my thigh. It's pretty high up my thigh and I feel very uncomfortable. 

    "No! Of course not!" she says. "Stop messing with it! It looks amazing on you. Now all we have to do is your make up and hair!" My hair highlights are all gone by now, so I wonder what she's going to do. Pocket Full of Sunshine then walks in and looks shocked. 

    "Hey there, um. Who are you?" She asks.

    "Pocket Full of Sunshine! It's Freak! Remember? Your roommate?" Hyper Piper asks.

    *15 minutes later of plucking, dyeing, and putting makeup on*

    By the time they're all done my eyebrows are sore and my hair has dip-dyed ends. Hyper Piper wants to be in the fashion world when she grow up.She's really good. My hair has green, purple, and blue on the tips. It looks so cool! 

    "I love my hair!" I almost scream. I admit, yes, I have let some of my friends in my heart, maybe not the guys yet, but all of the girls. 

    We then all get the others and get in the car to go to the bar.

     A/N  Hey, guys. Rebel here. I know that I'm only allowed to update and I'm really upset about it. I wish I was allowed to be actually on. If you read the mumble that somebody posted for me, you'd understand. Well, in real life I actually did come up with the names. Some people call me Freak in real life, trying to hurt me, but I just make it a joke! I kinda like it anyway. I don't know why, but I know that it kinda suits me. And besides, I like it. At least it means that somebody notices that I'm different than others. I do try to be. Well, I think I've said too much. Bye!





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