Angela had her heart broken before and it was horrible. She built walls up around her, everywhere to block people out. She only let her best friend, Rai, in. One night Rai drags her to a One Direction concert and meets the whole band.
3 months later Angela and Rai compete in a karaoke contest. Despite all of Angela's attempts Rai shoves her on stage and she is forced to sing. Even though, she hasn't sung in six years. When Angela and Rai sing One Direction walks in and insists that they go on tour with them.
On the tour Angela does something remarkable; She falls in love. 3 out of the 5 boys in the band fall in love with her! Who will she choose? Will that person break her heart? Will he mend it back together? Read this story and find out!
Rai has always been in love with Niall Horan. Even though, he has a girlfriend. When he falls for her too, what will happen? What happens when somebody from the band falls in love with her too?! These questions will all be answered! Just read!!!!!!!


7. After The Girls Leave

     *Zayn's P.O.V.*

     I'm still utterly shocked about my fight with Angela. At first I didn't think she was scary and I thought that she was weak. She proved me wrong. Big time. I can't believe that she got past security with scissors! She did some serious damage and I'm left, mentally scarred for life. I have to admit, she's got some guts. Even with the crazy look she got in her eye I knew that she wasn't feeling. Whether happy or not she wasn't really feeling. On the outside (except for her eyes) showed that she was a happy. She is a really good actress. I want so badly to find out why she's not feeling and why she is pushing me and the band away from her physically and emotionally. I just feel so bad for her and I want to help. I know that she'll never accept this, but I think that I'm falling in love with her. I'm just happy that I switched our phone numbers, before she got hers back. I put mine into her phone and hers into mine.

     *Harry's P.O.V.*

     Ever since the girls left everybody seems a little bit off their rocker. I even admit that I have been, too. It feels like I kind of miss them. (Even though it's been a couple of hours.) Especially Angela. She was so much fun and was really cool. I don't know why, but I got this really mushy when I saw her come in backstage with us and saw her cool highlights. I heard that she lives in Britain and I was tempted to look her up, but I decided otherwise. I hope that all of out paths will cross again.

     All of the boys and I are kind of just sulking around backstage in our room and talking to fans. It's all really boring after the whole fiasco with Angela and Zayn. She's really impressive.

     *Niall's P.O.V.*

     For some reason I kind of miss Rai and her quirky friend. They seemed really cool and fun. Especially Rai. I feel bad for feeling this way because of my girlfriend, Ellie, and I feel like I'm cheating on her. I have to get Rai out of my mind and get distracted. Probably with my amazingly hot and gorgeous girlfriend.

     *Louis's P.O.V.*

      Everybody has been acting weird ever since Angela and Rai left. They're acting like nothing's changed, but I can see in their eyes that we all know they weren't like regular people. Espcially Angels.

     Zayn stopped crying when the next back stage guest came in, thankfully. In my opinion, Angela did the best for him. He was always obsessed with it and it was really annoying. I still kinda feel bad for the poor chap, though. I don't know what he did, but it must've been pretty big for Angela to attack him like that. He probably deserved it, though...

     *Liam's P.O.V.*

     Whenever I'm not busy talking to fan or signing autographs I'm thinking of Rai and her crazy friend. It always comes down to me thinking of Rai's lips and smiles. Her teeth are perfect and sparkling white. Her giggle is adorable. I got mad seeing her flirt with Niall. Why do all of the girls go after him? It's bloody horrible!

     I think that when she was talking to him I heard her say that she had to go back to school tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that Angela and Rai are going to the same college. They are both 19, and Angela is only two months older than Rai, yet Rai towers above her so greatly. Rai was telling Niall all about their friendship. How they met in second grade, that they became best friends in fifth, and how they made fake cuss words, so they wouldn't get in trouble, in sixth. They act like total sisters, no matter how they look. I hope greatly up to the Great Eye in the Sky that we will meet again, really soon.

A/N Hey, guys. Rebel here again. I really hope that you like our story. We would LOVE it if you gave us ideas, comments, corrections, etc. down there in that comments back. I made chap. 6 (the one where Angela cuts off Zayn's "swoosh") with a lot of Carmen's help. It was actually a lot of fun. I came up with the idea of calling it a "swoosh." I hope that you all liked this chapter! Well, I'll see you on the flip side! (That's a fun saying that I like to type and say/use to say good bye. I have no idea what it means, but try saying it! PLEASE!) Ba!


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