Dark Princess

*Rated R for some serious cussing and violence*


3. 3

~Damon's POV~

Nikki had either had a nightmare or a vision, but she wouldn't tell me after she has awoken. She was scared, which isn't like her. She tried lying to me, which rarely happens. 

"Damon," She says, a little bit of fear lacing her voice. 

"Yes, Princess," I respond, then immediately Nikki stared me down. 

"Sorry," I apologize, smirking as I do. 

Nikki recounted the dream, not missing a beat. After she was finished speaking, she curled into a ball. Soon she was softly snoring, curling up against me.

I smile to myself as I wrap my arms around her, trying to make her feel safe again. She twitches in her sleep a couple times through the night.  

~Next morning~ 

I woke up and Nikki was still curled up against me. Nikki suddenly sneezes, somehow making sure she didn't sneeze on me. She barely opens her eyes, which are a little glassy instead of their normal ivy green. 

"You're sick aren't you, Kita.".

"Mmhm," she mutters, closing her eyes again. 

Shit, Nikki can't get sick, I think to myself. Nikki rolls out of my arms, coughing then sneezing again.  I decide to get up and check on things around the house, then I'll call Meredith to give Nikki a check over. As I head out of the room, something on Nikki's laptop catches my eye.

She has her picture library open in a movie maker thing and a few songs open as well. I shake my head then I continue with what I was going to do. After an hour Meredith arrives, Bonnie in tow. I groan, not wanting to wake Nikki, but Meredith needs to see her.

The three of us walk up the stairs to Nikki's room, but I'm the only one regretting this. I knock twice before opening the door, checking to see if Nikki has gone anywhere. She's still asleep, I think to myself, which is probably something that I've picked up from her.  Meredith follows me as Bonnie hesitantly looks through the door. 

"Nikki," I whisper, gently shaking her awake.

"Mhmm," she replies.

After some prodding and mild threatening, Nikki sits up and finally realizes why Meredith's here. Meredith does a quick check over, mutters to herself and then straighten's up.

"So," I begin to ask, "What's wrong with Nikki?.".

"She has a cold, not to sevre, but it might put her out for a while," Meredith says.

Nikki and I both nod, then I show Meredith and Bonnie out. Bonnie keeps staring ahead like a deer caught in headlights, which told me she saw something.

"Bonnie, what did you see," I swiftly ask.

"I saw what Nikki saw last night.".

I nod and then tell her that Nikki told me, but she had left something out.

"Nikki isn't normal, Damon. When you've drank from her have you noticed you haven't had to drink again until the next day?".

"Now that you mention it yeah.".

"Nikki is an Angel, a nephilim.".





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