Dark Princess

*Rated R for some serious cussing and violence*


2. 2

I woke up the next morning still wrapped up in Damon's arms. I hear Stefan shout, "Elena!" and Elena respond, "It's sitting on the coffee table.", then I hear footsteps jogging up the stairs. I shake Damon awake and mutter, "Shit.". Damon jumps up off of my bed, causing me to fall to the floor. 

"We need to hide, D! It's Prank Nikkita and Damon day!". Damon grabs me by my left forearm and we run to his room and hide in the big closet.  I can hear Stefan and Elena plotting their prank against us.

"You said Damon was in Nikkita's room, Elena.".

"He was, maybe he got up and left.".

"Then where is he, more importantly where is she?".

"How should I know, Stefan? Maybe she left too?".

"We need both of them for our prank day.".

I feel a mouse scurry over my foot and before I can scream, Damon puts his left hand over my mouth. I barely nod, trying to stay calm as the mouse continues with whatever it's doing. I hear the main door to Damon's room open and then shut.  Damon quietly opens the closet door, me cautiously walking behind him. We reach the main door and immediately sense something sitting on top of the little ledge. I close my eyes and sniff, son of a b-, they're going to drench Damon in a water and vervain mixture.

I shove Damon behind me, turning the door knob and getting drenched in the mixture in one swift movement.Though I am not a Vampire, it still burns my skin, or atleast reddens my skin. I begin sneezing and coughing, signs that I'm allergic to vervain, but not deathly allergic. Damon mutters under his breath and casually walks me down the steps. I begin looking for Stefan and Elena, for they have unleashed the beast inside me and I sure as hell Damon's pissed too.

"STEFAN!" Damon shouts, causing me to cover my ears. Stefan's head pops out from behind one of the walls. Damon doesn't say anything, except, "You know Kita is doesn't like vervain. What the hell were you and Elena thinking!". I don't say anything either, I just lunge at Stefan after grabbing a dagger from the table next to me. Stefan and I struggle, then Stefan knocks me to the floor and the dagger from my hand.

I stand back up, brushing my hands against my shirt. Stefan comes at me, ready to punch me (Yes when Stefan and I fight, we do not play by the rules), so I grab his left forearm with my right hand and hear a sizzling sound. Stefan tries pulling his forearm from my grip, but he drops to his knees, knowing it's no use. Elena grabs my right arm, Damon pulling Stefan from my grip. I growl at them, warning them that the beast is definitely unleashed.

"Kita, calm down, Stefan was just joking with us.".

"Yeah, I forgot about your slight allergy to vervain.".

I begin, mentally forcing the "beast" back in it's cage. I blink a few times, then I stare at Damon. He nods and I head back up to my room. Once in my room I grab clean clothes and hop in the shower to try to get this vervain off of me. After thirty minutes I step back out of the shower, drying myself off and putting my clean clothes on. 

I walk to my bed and collapse, exhausted from last night and the prank today. I hear knocking at my door, so I curl into a ball and try to sleep, thinking the knocking is just my imagination. I hear it three more times before I get up.

I open the door to find Damon. I let him sniff me, making sure the is absolutely no vervain on me. I tell him to come inside, which he does. He closes the door and goes and sits on my bed, just like last night. I sigh,  knowing I can not argue with him, knowing I can't win against the 'Damon Salvatore Charm'. 

"What, Damon?".

"Stefan says he's sorry, Elena too.".

"I don't care about that now. I'm wondering why your up here, in my room and not out drinking with Alaric.".

I watch Damon's face, sadness showing on it. I shake my head, realizing my mistake to late. Alaric is dead, I should've remembered that. 

"Damon, I'm sorry, I forgot.".

"It's fine, Kita.". 

"No it's not.".

"Kita, it's fine. He died eight times.".


"Yes, seriously, Alaric was killed eight different times.".

I shake my head, pacing back and forth. I can sense Damon watching me, smiling at me. I turn to face him, smiling at him. 

"We going to go through last night's argument again?".

"What argument?".

I sigh and begin walking towards him. He stands up, still smiling at me. I shake my head, sitting on the bed. Damon sits back down after putting his jacket on my desk chair and then kicking his boots off. 

"This is the last time that you sleep in here, Salvatore.".

"You know that's not true, Kita.".

"It's is.".

"Sleep well, my Dark Princess.".

I'm running from Klaus and his  family. It's dark out and I'm in the woods. I hear someone scream. I stop, listening. The screams are more clear now. I hear Klaus distantly shout, "Looks like our diversion, for Damon worked. ".They have Damon? How the hell could they have Damon? He was right behind me.

Oh shit, that was Elena that screamed. Or was it me? I make a bee line towards the screams, ignoring the instinct to run in the other direction. My heartbeat quickens, adrenaline coursing through my veins. I stop at the edge of a clearing, watching things unfold before my eyes.

They, Klaus and his family, have Stefan and Elena bound by vervain ropes, Damon's lying face down, barely breathing, possibly from being hit with a dart or bullet dipped, no, DRENCHED, in vervain. I can see Caroline and Tyler as well, they're also tied up in vervain ropes. 

I let out a blood curdling roar,  causing Klaus to jump. I can feel a new power coursing through my veins. I growl loudly, animalistic. I snap and I snarl, rage blinding me.

"Look at the little girl, trying to be brave," Kol scoffs.

"Oh I'm so scared, I'm quaking in my boots," Rebekka says.

"I'm so scared," Finn says.

I snarl and snap at them again. Stefan, Elena, Tyler and Caroline stare at me.

"Who are you," Klaus asks, head cocked to one side.

"I am Nikkita Natalia Ravencroft! Daughter of the seventh son of the seven sons! I am an Angel!".

I bolted into a sitting position, drenched in a cold sweat. I close my eyes, trying to think over the dream. Damon got captured, the others too.

"Nikki, you okay," came the sleepy voice of Damon.

"Yeah," I reply.

"Nikki, why do you lie," Damon asks, sitting straight up.

I shake my head, a tear slipping down my face. Damon pulls me close, resting his chin on top of my head.

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