I Found You


9. Chapter 8:Money

I walked into the party. There was a few guys who were staring at me. I wasn't that pretty was I? "Hey I'm Blake and what's your name babe?" He asked smirking. He had brown hair and blue eyes and don't even get me started on his arms! He looked so strong. It was hard not to droll in front of him "Riverlin but call me River" I yelled over the loud music. "Want to go somewhere more quiet?" He asked "sure" was all I could say before he grabed my hand and starting running upstairs. He pulled me into a dark room.

"Ok so here's what going to happen. You do what I want and if you don't then I will kill you!" Blake Replied. Shit! That goody too shoes go bad. "What do you want from me?" I asked raising my eye brow. "I only want your money that's all. If you can get Luke to give you 1 million dollars in three days I will let you go but if he doesn't your dead!"

Was this guys for real? Was this like a tv show prank? Why would he pick me? Sure I'm reality to Luke but he isn't even that famous. Wait!! What if Luke didn't have the money? was I going to to die here? And I'm still at the party couldn't someone find me and save me? I was stoped in my mind thought when "He" walked into the room "Long time no see" he said slapping me in the face leaving a huge red hand print on my check "why the fuck are you here?"

Nialls pov (before the party)

I don't know why but I didn't want River to go to the party. Like she's so perfect and I don't want one of those jock guys to well you know bang bang her.. I really care for her and she should have someone who doesn't care about sex. Someone who loves her for her and not her looks. Wait? Do I like her? No way I can't luke would kill me... Fuck the feelings

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