I Found You


8. Chapter 7: Getting My Party On

"River we are going to be late you ratgoof!" Niall yelled from downstairs. I ran down stairs.. I was wearing black high shorts and a pink "I want you" shirt on. I was also wearing my black toms. My blond hair was up in a messy bun and I only put on a bit of mascara and eye liner.

I didn't know what to expect from the party. I heard that there's a lot of beer and drunk people. I heard that you dance a lot there. You make out and all that fun shit. Some people who are really drunk have sex.

I was pretty excited but also pretty scared, from what I Heard party's sound like shit storms but I can't judge anything by a cover (or at less that's what my mom use to say).

(Skipping the car ride)

"And here we are River" Harry said. "Time to get are partyyyy onnnn" Louis yelled.

I walked into the party. Ther was a few guys who were stating at me. I wasn't that pretty was I? "Hey I'm Blake and what's your name babe?" He asked smirking. He had brown hair and blue eyes and don't even get me started on his arms! He looked so strong. It was hard not to droll in front of him "Riverlin but call me River" I yelled over the loud music. "Want to go somewhere more quiet?" He asked "sure" was all I could say before he grabed my hand and starting running upstairs. He pulled me into a dark room. "Ok so here's what going to happen. You do what I want and if you don't then I will kill you!" Blake Replied. Shit! That goody too shoes go bad.

A/N~ im so sorry it's soo short I have dance again and a lot of people wanted me to update it. I will update it later this week with a really kind chapter.

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