I Found You


7. Chapter 6: Player

A/N~~1D ages have changed!! Louis is 18, Niall Is 16, Harry is 16, Zayn is 17 and Liam is 17!! I know that's not there real ages but I need them to be that old.. Yu will find out later in the chapters why I changed there ages!

Rivers pov

I just got of the plane I looked to my left and saw a big sign that said "welcome to London, England" I was like freaking out because I have always wanted to go to London and now I'm here!!

Luke told me that the boys were going to be waiting for me outside of the airport in a black van. He also gave me Louis number so I could text him when I'm here. I thought I should call him but I might as well see if I can find there black van. I went out of the airport and looked around. There were a lot of black vans. How the hell am I going to know which one the boys are in. I pulled my phone out and looked for Louis's number.

"Hey I'm at the airport and there's a shit load of black vans" I said into the phone to Louis. "Just turn around you smart ass" he said. Wait what? I turned around to see 5 guys standing there. How the hell did they get there without geting caught by pops? Who cares. "So you must be the one and only River Hemmings" Harry said putting one of his hands on my shoulder. I pushed his hands of "yes I am but sorry you can have all this" I said smirking.

Luke told me a lot of things about the guys. He said that Harry's a hard core player. He had never had a girlfriend for longer than two days. So I thought it would be best not to get to close to him. He told me to not let niall eat my food because if he gets his hands on it he's eating it. Louis every loud so I should bring Advil.. I did.. He told me after things but I may have forgot #opps..

(At 1D's house)

"Ok so this is your room. It's right beside me so if you ever need something just come over" Niall said. He's a very nice lad, he's also kind of cute. Like hes so caring about me.. Even tho I only known him for about a hour..

"Are you okay River?" He asked. I felt like I was about to throw up everywhere. Maybe it was just jet leg? "I feel fine Nia" I said before running to the bathroom. I kneeled to the toilet and start vomiting. Niall come into the bathroom and pulled my hair out of my face. I throw up a few more times till I was done. "Thanks niall, sorry you had to see that tho" I said staring at the ground. "Riv it's ok. Everyone gets sick"

(Two days later)

So my sickness is finally gone!!! Yay!! Niall had a doctor come over and look at me. The doctor said that me being sick was probably from flying. "So now that your sick free the boys and I are going to have a party. You can come with us or stay here. It's up to you" I looked at Niall.. "Well not to be a party pooper but.... IM GOING!!!" I have never really been to a party before.. Lately I have gotten invited to a shit loads of party.. Maybe it was the fact that I was Luke Hemmings sister and I was living with One Direction... I never went to those party's tho. I never felt like it or had the time but tonight I had the time.

A/N~ sorry this is a short chapter. I have dance regionals today in a 10 mins.. I will update the chapter later today tho:) like it, comment or even become my fan:)

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