I Found You


6. Chapter 5: Some People Are Dicks

Rivers pov

Damn. Sassy Luke, has came out of his cage. I don't really know what the interviewer thought I was paying Luke to be my brother. That's so so gay to be honest, like why would he think that! I look just like Luke! Don't i?

"Hey River it's fine. Some times people do that and sometimes interviewers are dicks"I just giggled at bit at Luke's comment. I guess it's true cause what I saw today and yea.

Luke's pov

So I got a call from management and they don't want River living worth us cause it's bad for her and for us. Since River had been with us we have lost over 4000 followers on twitters,Instagram and Facebook. Management said that she could stay at my place till I get home but I don't want to leave her there alone so I called my main bitches (aka one direction) and they said that they could take her till I get back from tour. I don't know how to tell her. I'm going to have to tell her some time tonight but I have no clue when to tell her...

(Later that night)

"So um River. I need to tell you something" I said. "Yea sure what's up" she asked sitting beside me "well i talked to management and they said that you couldn't come on the rest of the tour.. So I called One Direction and they said they will take you till I get back from the tour. It's only for 1 month" I said. She looked at started to jump up and down. Well I think she's going to love staying with the boys then.. "When do I leave?" She asked. "First flight tomorrow" she ran to our room and got everything needed.

Rivers pov

Wait is he for real! I'm i really living with da one and only One Fucking Direction in London England!!i can't wait! I love touring around with 5sos but I think it would be nice to get away from them for a while. You know and what happened with Ashton to. It's probably best to let him think it out and crap. "River get your ass down here!!" Michael yelled "What you want?" I asked questioning Michael. "I'm going to miss you!!!" Awwee Mickey is going to miss me! I pulled him into a hug."I love you bro. I promise I will be back in one month" I said pulling away from the hug. "Your the only one who gets me.. Like even tho I don't really talk to you it's true. All the fans think I'm a gay boy and the boys think in emo or some shit but you don't. You know the real me and it's like weird..like no joke I'm going to miss having you around"

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