I Found You


4. Chapter 4: Twins

Luke's pov

"Shit we have 30 minutes to leave the house!! Go her ready everyone" I ran to my room and put on a black Rolling Stones shirt and some black ripped skinny jeans. I had a person at the interview place to so my hair so I left my hair. I went where River and Mikey's room was. I had mangement buy River some cloths that were like mine. When I walked in I saw River. She had a Pearl Jam shirt on, some black leggings her hair was up in a messy bun, she had some brown uggs on and her black ring lip piercing like mine in. You could tell a mile away that she was my sister.

Rivers pov

I looked in the mirrow and I looked fine in what I was wearing so I left it. I walked down stairs and saw all the downs there. "Let's go" Luke said jumping out of the bus. We got into a black van. This was the day the whole world would know I'm Luke's sister. Some of the fans will hate me and the others won't. At less I think.

"Hello boys. You are late again" the interviewer said "sorry I was helping my lit."Luke was half way done his sentence when the inveiwer came up to me. "So how much did your pay him?" The Interview asked me. I looked at Luke confused "nothin she's my real sis" Luke said butting in. "Ohh well I just thought", " you thought wrong bro" Luke said pulling me away from the interviewer. "Some times kids pay pop started millions of dollars to act like there their sister or brother" Luke explained. Weird if you wanted to become famous why wouldn't you just do something to make you famous.

"Ok your on in two" one if the workers said.

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