I Found You


5. Chapter 4: The Truth

Luke pov

I was scared for River. I didn't want her to get hate and all that because she is just a kid and it is very hard sometimes for kids. Maybe al the fans will love her but it know for sure some of them won't.

We got all got out hair and makeup done . Yea yea I'm a boy why do I need makeup? I don't fucking know ask the stupid makeup person. I didn't change cloths tho. I kept on my Rolling Stones shirt and Black skinny jeans. I looked back and saw River. Her hair was Curled. She had a green day shirt on and some black pants. I walked up to her and hugged her "there's nothing to be scared a out I whispered into her ear softly. She nodded her. "What if they don't like me" she said pulling away from the hug "they will love you" I said kissing her forehead.

"And your on" one of the workers said to us.. Me, Michael, Ashton and Calum walked into the interview area "hello boys. So how does it feel to be well famous?" Rick (aka the interviewer asked) "it's been so awesome like just to walk downs street and have someone stop you saying that they love your music. Like it's a dream come true" Ashton explains. The interviewer kept asking us questions than it came to River "so I heard you have a sister Luke?" Rick. I nodded my head "yea well I didn't know I had one till a month ago and yea" I said "well she's here for you right now" she came out and say beside me. The interviewer asked her lots of questions like, what is like being Luke's sister, do you like the band and all that crap. "We will be going on a short Break" Rick said standing up. Yes! Finally we are done. "So how much money did she pay you" Rick asked "no she's my real sister!" I spat "well I thought" Rick didn't finish cause of me "you thought wrong" I said walking away from him.

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