I Found You


3. Chapter 3: Don't Hit Me

Luke's pov

We have a interview today and I wanted to show River to the world. I don't want any fans thinking she is one of are girlfriends or kids. It's 11:53 and she still is asleep.. Guess she is like me.

I walked to where she was sleeping. She looked so peaceful. I didn't want to wake her up but I had to. I moved a pieace of hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear. "River. There's fo.."I was about to finsh my sentences when I got cut of by River "food!!!" She ran into the kitchen and got some of the bacon and eggs I cooked awhile ago. "Mmmmmm this is good" she said stuffing as much food as she could into her mouths "haha well am glad you like it.. So today me and the band are going to a interview and I wanted to show you to he world"I asked her . She raised one if her eyebrows "what if my fake parents see me on tv and call the cops?" She asked. "Then we can tell the cops I saw them hitting you and since I'm your real bro I can take care of you" I explained and plus with all the money I have I can keep her here forever. "After the interview I'm going to take you cloths shopping, then after I have a concert and your going to have to come to that" she nodded her head and ran to the living room on the bus .

Rivers pov

"Hey can we play some Halo.. I love me some Halo" (A/N for people who don't know what Halo is it's a gay video game) I asked jumping infront of the tv. "Sure, you know how to work it so use it" Calum said pointing to the Xbox.

"HAHA I KILLED YOU FOR THE 17TH TIME TODAY HAHA YOY SUCK BALLS!!" I yelled at Mikey. "Sorry I don't play this game 24/7 like you do haha" we all just laughed. He was true tho. I played this game a lot back home."this is boring wanna play truth or date" I asked shyly. "Ok me first" Calum said "how old were you had your first kiss Mikey?" "To be honest 13" everyone laughed but me. I had my first kiss with Ashton.. "How about you River?" Mikey asked "15" I said feeling a bit weird. I had my first kiss when I was older. Nothing wrong with that. "Who was the lucky guy?" Calum asked. I looked at Ashton and have him a weird look. "NOOO NOOO!! Don't tw me it was that rat" Luke screamed pointing to Ash. "Umm well maybe I kissed him but I didn't mean to umm I triped and my lips fell on his" I said scarily.. Luke got up and face towards me "don't hit me plz don't hit me" I galped.. Every time I did something wrong my dad would hit me and I was scared Luke would but instead he picked me up and hugged me. "I'm not going to hit you River. I'm your brother I never would "

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