I Found You


2. Chapter 2: Beds

"Come on guys I'm starving!!!" I said running around the bus trying to find the kitchen.. For a bus this is pretty big... "FOUND IT!!" I yelled. I ran to the fridge and got out some pizza pops. I heated them up and started to eat them. I found some pop so I poured it into a cup and drank it "hey did you make me some" Ash said "nope" I said smirking. He walked to the fridge and looked for them. Little did he know that I have them all hehe. "River where are they!!" Ash asked "in my belly" I said laughing. "Hey looked!! I'm on tv" ash said pointing to the tv. I looked. Then I looked back at my plate and saw that my food was gone "hey hat was not funny" I said giving him the puppy dog face. "I don't care" he said with a mouth full of MY FOOD! "Calum!!!! Tell Ashton not to eat my food!" I yelled "bro leave her alone and let her eat without worrying that your going to eat her food" Calum yelled back. I stuck my tongue out. "Put that back in your month before I put it in my mouth!!" Ashton said "eww your nasite bro" I said slapping him in the arm "hey that hurt" he said pulling my closer to him by my waist. "Let go of me" I said putting my hands up to his cheat trying to push him off of me "nope" "plz plz" "nope" I rolled my eyes.

I felt someone's warm lips on mine. Shit the one and only Ashton was KISSING ME!! Wait no he can't. I pulled away "sorry" I said pushing him off if me..I ran to someone's bed and got under the blankets. Not caring who's bed it was.i need some sleep.

Some how once I flopped on the bed I was tried. Like a mintie ago I was running all I've the bus and doom I'm sleepy. I rolled over and looked at the alarm clock.. Great I'm going to bed at 10 that's the earliest I have ever went to bed. I rolled back over and shut my eyes.

Michael's pov (aka Mikey)

"Mikey don't go to bed it's only 10:30!!" Luke said "but I'm sleepy and we have the big show tomorrow! I'm going to bed if you like or not!" I got up and walked to my bed. I jumped into my bed. Once I did that I heard someone moan "who hear!!!" I whisper "fuck of I'm trying to sleep" a little voice said "oh hey River.. What are you up to" I asked rolling over, looking into her blue eyes "I'm birding bro hbu" she said rolling her eyes "well I was going to bed. It then I found you here" I said. She rolled over and tried to get up but I grabbed her by the waist pulling her back into the bed. "Don't go I need a cuddling bubbie" I said doing the puppy dog face. "Fine" see my puppy dog face does work! She climbed back in my bed and put her head on my chest and slowly feel asleep.

(A few hours later)

"River roll over!! Your snoring in my ear!!" I yelled kicking her. "Errrr River!!" What the fuck!! Why won't she wake up!! Well she is Luke's sister and Luke does not wake up easily and does snore really loud.. "Errrr River" I said "what the fuck do you want" she said harshly "roll over botch your snoring in my ear!!" She rolled her eyes and rolled over.

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