I Found You


1. Chapter 1: Walmart Beer

A/N~ the boys ages changed in this book. There all 17!!

Rivers pov

Hi , I'm 15, my real name is Riverlin but you can just call me River Hemmings Yea yea I'm Luke's little sis but no one really cares. All my "friends" only hangout with me so they could have a chance to see Luke but little did they know that my parents gave me away to a fucking stranger when I was just 3 years old or at less that's what my fake parents say. Some how my real mom didn't mean to have me. I was a mistake in there eyes.

The people I live with at the time are losers. They get drunk all the time. They abuse me a lot. I can't go to school because I have to many bruises on my body. I got a job tho. I've been saving the money up so one day I can run away from this hell hole. I've got $ 213.12. "River come here!" I heard Paul (aka my fake dad) yell. "Can you get me some beer!" He asked "I don't have any money tho" I said "just go and fucking some!" I ran outside. He scared he so much I just have to do what he says.

I walked into Walmart and went to the beer. I put 4 tall boys in my purse. I walked to the front of the store and I started to run.

Luke's pov

"Hey Luke look it's your twin" Calum said pointing to this girl who kind of did look like me. I watched her for a while. Wait why was she in the beer area in Walmart? She doesn't even look old enough to drink beer. What why did she put in her purse? Wait was she stealing it? I started to follow her. She started to run out if the store with the beer still in her purse . "Wait stop" I yelled chasing after her.

I saw her trip over the sidewalk. A big tall man came out. He had gray hair, his eyes were black and he had bags under his eyes. He looked like 40 ish "River what the fuck! That was my beer!l he yelled at her. He picked her up and pushed into the side of there house and banged her head against the wall. He started to punch her in the face. Omg what's happening! "Let her go!"I yelled walking up to him. "Goo away pretty boy! Don't need you here!" The man said. "Well you shouldn't be hurting a fucking girl" I said punching him in the side of the face. He fell to floor and He let go of the girl. She dropped to floor and started to cry. I went up to her and picked her up in bridal style and carried her back to were the rest of the guys were. "are you ok umm" "River. River Hemmings" she said. My mouth dropped. Wait did she say Hemmings or was I over reacting? "I'm fine" she manged to say. "I can tell you your not" I said. I found were the tour bus was parked.. Is wasnt to hard since it was so big. "Shit we were...what's she doing here" Ashton asked jumping up. "I saw her parents hitting her and I took her away from them" I explained. "She looks tried bro. Her put her in your bed" Calum said walking to my bed. I laid her down into my bed and quickly feel asleep.

Rivers pov

"Where am I" I asked looking out of the bed I was laying in. Weird when did I get there. WAIT WHY WAS LUKE, CALUM,ASHTON AND MICHAEL STARING AT ME!!! "Honey it's ok. We are here to help you" Luke said. Wait he was my real brother. I got up and hugged him. "Omg I never thought I would ever meet you.. Your my real brother" I said still hugging him "how come I never knew about you?" He asked "I was that three year old kid at your house.. Remember?" He raised one of his eye brows at me "how come you didn't stay then?" I sighed " my fake parents told me that your mom.. Well our mom didn't want me anymore. She said I was a mistake and she have me away to the people who were hitting me" he looked shocked. "Well since you are a hemming stay here as long as you want. Your going to have to share a bed with us tho because we only have 4 beds" Ashton said. "Mmhm" I said "who you going to sleep with?" Ashton asked. "I will have to see who I like the most by the end of the night" I said smirking. I clearly knew who I wanted to share a bed with but I didn't want to tell him.. Not yet ;)

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