Love Triangle

Love Triangle


3. Him?

He swept his blonde hair out of his face and green eyes. Sweat dripped down from his forehead. He was wishing this night to be over but then he saw her. He had met so many girls and them end up dumping him, but he had a feeling she was different. He was a waiter at a restaurant. His name was Jayden, but everyone calls him Jay for short. He had saw her.

(His POV)

I saw her come in knowing I was a mess I ran into the kitchen. I quickly cleaned up and said "I'll get this one." I came close and was amazed by her beauty. I started small talk with her. "Would you like a table or booth?" Table or booth really?! "Um no thanks I'm going to sit at the bar." "I see your face is a bit red are you ok?" Why did I ask that stupid stupid stupid!! "Sigh no not really." "Oh would you like to talk about it while I serve you?" I felt so stupid but maybe it was the right move. She smiled, "I'd love to talk about it." I showed her to the bar and I got her food and drinks. She told me what was wrong and she seemed to have this uplift in her. "So I never caught your name." She had this grin on her face and said "Amber, and you?" "Jayden but people call me Jay." From there on I knew this would be a good start.

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