Love Triangle

Love Triangle


1. Him

It was fine until he came into her life. His soft brown hair swooped over his bright blue eyes. His smile was soft and could make any girl melt right there. His skin was perfect and flawless. He was the mysterious type of guy. He hid in the shadows and didn't speak to anyone. He went by the name of Max. He'd lay low and have a reputation of being a player. Max was quiet, he was one never to trust, one that won't change because of one thing. But his whole life changed after he met her. His mind was blown she was there he was here. He knew that he was known to hurt girls. But she, she was different he thought to himself. He knew he had to have her. He had never believed in love but now he wasn't sure.

Max was at home sitting on his bed thinking over and over again about the girl he had seen. "Ughh I want her, I need her," he put his hands on his messy hair hunched over. His brain couldn't think straight all he was thinking of was the girl.

(His POV)

I was confused I had never felt this way about anyone I've ever met... I knew I was lying to myself, there was one girl. My heart started to hurt just thinking of her. It was two years ago I met a girl, she was beautiful, smart, funny, and understood me. I was happy during those times. I still remember her soft long brown hair. I could never forget her smile oh her smile could light up the night sky. I loved her deep green eyes they would always take me away. She was perfect at least that's what I thought. It was 2 months later... I was coming to surprise her with a fancy dinner plans for our 2 year anniversary. I come in and what I saw was to hard for me to take. Jade who I thought was the one broke my heart while I was in my suit with roses and a diamond ring in my pocket. I ended up giving up on love and hurting people because of her. I thought I'd never love any girl like that so I hurt them to make sure that never happens again. But this girl is different she has this trusting face. I know I must have her.

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