Love Triangle

Love Triangle


2. Her

She was a beauty no just in his eyes and hers but in someone else's eyes. Her light brown hair waved down to her stomach. She had brown eyes which was sometimes hidden by her hair. She had a warm and comforting smile. Her name is Amber but people call her angel. She's always been a good girl. But she has been looking for love too like anyone else in the world.

(Her POV)

I sighed and watched my phone constantly checking my messages. I was hoping not to be disparate but that was no longer a choice. Then right there I knew he wasn't going to text me back or call. "When will my prince come when will the one find me?" I sighed and let one tear run down my cheek before getting up. Walking down stairs I was going to do what I do every night... get popcorn, ice cream, and a romance movie and sit and watch. I knew I couldn't keep doing this, but I have nothing else to do. All my friends have plans and I don't have any chance in love. I know I've got to find the one and I'll know it, sometimes I don't know anymore. All I want and know that I just want some that loves me and won't leave me after one date.

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