My Love Life

Katy had been in love with Niall Horan for a long tome, now. Ever since 6th grade. They're now in high school. Will Niall see how Katy feels about him before it's too late? Will he like her back? read and find out.


1. ['-b

My Fairy Tale

Never After Again

Niall will never love me. He will always be too good for me. “Katie,” my mother yelled. It was dinnertime. As Katie made her way home she was thinking about how Niall Horan will never be hers.

The next morning, she didn’t feel any better. She got up took a bath, got dressed, brushed her teeth, and went downstairs. When she got down there, Niall was already there, waiting for her. He wanted to walk to school with her. It was the biggest surprise she had ever gotten in her whole entire life.

“So,” Niall started. “I’m sorry for what Kylie did to you yesterday. I already told her that I’m breaking up with her,” Said Niall. “What I’m trying to say is… Katie, will you go out with me?”

“OMG, Niall. Of course I’ll go out with you!”

“I’ll pick you up tonight at 8, ok?”

“Sure, Niall. Where are we going?”

“Put on you best dress. I’m taking you to dinner.”

“How are you moving on so fast?”

“I refuse to like anyone who is mean to people for no reason.”

“ She wasn’t mean to me for no reason. She was mean to me because I-I-I like you!”


“But she wasn’t mean to me for no reason. She was being mean to me because-because- because I like you!


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