This is a story about hazel, hazel styles She was kidnapped last year. pictures are all they have left of her. Will harry give up finding his little sister is she still alive will they ever be reunited. read to find out more


1. Chapter one

Harry's pov.

Today is the 1 year anniveristy of the day my little sister got kidnapped the police gave up but i will never stop loking for her

hazel i promise i will find you no matter what.


Hazel's Pov.

hi daddy i said to my stepdad i'm not too shore about anything that happened before this year Daddy told me that i got in a car accident last year so i wont remember anything but thats weird because i do remember something more like someone. It is a boy around 19 who has brown curly hair just like mine besides the fact that mine is a little more wavy. He also has bright green eyes weird i have the exact same color all i know is he has to do with something with my past but when ever i ask dad about him he just yells at me and slapps me. One time i thought i saw him and i think daddy saw him too and he said we have to move right away. who is he i have to find him he might know what happed in those last 13 years of my life the only problem is how am i going to find him.

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