This is a story about hazel, hazel styles She was kidnapped last year. pictures are all they have left of her. Will harry give up finding his little sister is she still alive will they ever be reunited. read to find out more


2. cahpter 2

Hazel's Pov.

today is my first day at school since daddy had us move here i decied to ware a high low blue floral print shirt along with my favorite skinny jeans matching with my black converse and my hair down in its natural light brown waves. I ran downstairs and put a pop tart into the toaster. Hey dad i said he just ignored meso i just brushed it off pop i heard to toaster go so i grabbed my strawberry poptart shoved it all in my mouth and ran out the door and hopped into the car. Dad walked out holding my schoolbag opps i forgot it inside. he hopped into the car and we were off to school when we got there. dad therw the school  bag at we and drove off. here goes nothing i said to my self.

I walked into the building an stopped at the office and got my scedule it said i had Math first in room 102. Ok now where do i go i thought. i bumped into someone while trying to find my math class. omg i'm soo sorry i didn't see you there i said picking up my books. It's ok he said My names Hazel Soon folowing he said my name is collin, Collin Horan. Ok don't freak out i know my brother is in one direction . I stopped him before he said anything else whats one direction? he just looked at me shocked

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