Varvana's Power

Scarlett Evangeline- just like any other teenage- has many secrets, except Scarlett's are a little more... dangerous if they were to come out. When her friend Henry gives her an envelope with an invitation to a secret competition at the king's castle, she finds out that it's not quite what she seems. Scarlett can control people's minds, and as she comes here she thinks she may have an advantage. But as she soon finds out, they all have powers, and the reason they are entered is to determine the new queen. Scarlett and her friends are forbidden to have any contact with anyone outside the castle, but she finds out the secrets the competition is hiding, she feels herself drawn closer than ever before to Henry. And with a king and a goddess planning to sacrifice one of the girls, the winner, she is terrified of what may happen. Welcome to the nightmare.

P.S. For people who want to know how often I'll update, I'll try to every two or three days. :)


3. Chapter 3

I regretted my decision almost as quickly as I had left, but I had continued striding down the street, head held high, determined to realize my dream. Dusk had fallen hours ago and the entire town was bathed in the glow of the full moon. The air was chilly, and I shivered, pulling my cloak tighter to my body. I reached inside of my pocket and pulled out the note, making sure that the time on it was correct. I had already known that it was, but I was nervous for the first time in forever. I had traveled the route to Henry’s training studio thousands of times, both alone and with his company, but tonight it seemed longer, more tiring. I was beginning to feel the tell-tale signs of exhaustion for the first time in a long time, my eyelids drooping as I continued to walk at a brisk pace.

I saw him before he saw me, just as the clock struck ten. I tried to yell over the noise, but gave up quickly, succumbing to tapping him on the shoulder instead. He jumped under my touch, probably not expecting it that quickly, but when he saw it was me his face relaxed into a grin. His green eyes glowed like a cat’s in the darkness, and my stomach flopped involuntarily, making my feelings even more prominent. I wondered why of all nights, my body was betraying me like this, why I was finally breaking down and allowing my emotions to show.

I had loved Henry since we had met years ago, but I knew he didn’t feel the same way. He flirted with girls of any age and rank, regardless of the consequences. He didn’t care any for getting in trouble, or if his actions would get him into trouble. All he cared about was the hunt. After he had captured a girl’s heart, he would let her go, leaving her wounded but still alive. I forbade myself from acting on my feelings, afraid that he would do the same with me, except worse. Maybe even so much it would ruin what we had been working on and I would have to stop learning. I wouldn’t jeopardize or even come close to jeopardizing my dream in any way. I was determined it would work, no matter the consequences that might occur later.

“Hello, Henry. Lovely evening, isn’t it?” I asked, pointing to the sky that he was looking at only moments before. Stupid, stupid, stupid. The first thing you say to him is formal and about the weather. No wonder he doesn’t want you; you should know by now that you’re nothing to him, except maybe as a friend, I chided myself. I couldn’t believe I had said something so bone-headed, seriously. I had known him for years, why so formal? It was like when I was around him, all of my manners from home seemed to kick in, no matter how many times he had told me that academy girls didn’t use manners. It wasn’t allowed in their profession. Imagine that: a girl who had a future besides just being a home maker.

I shifted uneasily when he didn’t respond. He continued to stare at my face, then realized what he was doing and looked at the ground awkwardly.

He cleared his throat and gestured to the door. “Shall we go in?” He took me by the elbow, which he had only done once or twice before and escorted me in.

The training studio was relatively large for a building in the town, with only one room that was dedicated to only one thing. Training me. And his other students. But they were around during the day; I was his secret project. The perfect little girl from the village, turned into a great hand-to-hand combatant. On the left side of the room were the swords and the knives and every other weapon you could imagine hanging around. I was proficient in most weapons, like other academy girls were, but my main focus was on hand combat. There was something about the first blow that awakened me, always energized me into wanting more. The right side of the room was reserved as a kind of training arena, and the entire room was complete with hay on the ground to soften the pain when someone fell.

I unbuttoned my cloak and let it fall to the floor, already back into routine, but still shy of my partner. He slid his boots off his feet, as did I, and we stood barefoot, circling each other, each waiting for the right moment to make a move. Normally I would use my ability to get out of situations that would cause a fight, but it didn’t work on him. The only one I had ever met who had been immune. Of course, I had to be ready anyway, because it wasn’t always a good idea to stand there while your opponent had an opening on you.

We got into our positions.

He lunged towards me and aimed a punch to my stomach, but I turned just in time to avoid it hitting full on. The first punch pulls me out of her stupor and I unleashed a series of complicated kicks and whirls and punches. The punch to his jaw made him lose his focus for a second and I saw another opening, unleashing a roundhouse kick that hit him full on the chest, knocking him back a good four feet.

We fought and tussled for hours it seemed; only truly being minutes. We passed kicks and punches back and forth, each landing one before the other found an opening in their defense. We eventually circled around each other like professional fighters, each wary of the other’s intentions. I tried to sweep his legs out from under him and missed, my foot swinging around the other way towards the back of his head. He turned just in time to catch it and pulled me to the ground. My butt hits first, and I pushed myself back to my feet, crouching in front of him the best I could while keeping my balance.

I am awakened and excited, the best I had ever been before, ready for what he had to throw my way. I leapt on him like a wildcat, leapfrogging into the air and catapulting down on top of him, further than I originally planned. I pinned his arms above his head and straddled his legs, planning on keeping him like this until he relented fighting. I relaxed my guard for only a second before he flipped our positions, and I’m the one under, trying desperately to get free.

He got up off of me and gave me a hand up, laughing. “Great practice, Scarlett. Really. You’re at top form, for once.” He praised me, the compliment also being used as a way to hurt me.

I dusted off my clothes, and looked around the studio nonchalantly, pretending to be interested in a knife across the room, and looking anywhere but his eyes. It was pretty easy to ignore him most of the time for me, because all he ever did was criticize, but when it came to compliments, I couldn’t take them with grace. Not without blushing or denying what he had said. It was one of my many faults.

“Whatever, what time is our train coming into town?”


Hours later, I was starving. I had been trying to feed off of Henry’s energy for hours, and like always, it didn’t work. He didn’t want to risk stopping for food, worried we would be caught or stopped from going. I didn’t care; I just wanted something to fuel myself up with. I didn’t even care with who, my hunger was that strong.

We had been traveling to the train station since about midnight, having had to pack and plan and do all the other things that people had to do for a trip. Granted, I was packed before I had came to his house, but he took forever to get ready, and he didn’t have to pack that much. All he did was fuss about how this was going to mess up his students’ schedules for a long time, and that this had better be worth it. I had assured him that him going and staying with me until it was over would be well worth it. But that was all he worried about. His family was dead, and unless people could worry about their son from six feet under, he could do as he wished.

They reached the station with little time to spare, only enough to ask a guard where their platform was. Henry let me do it, because I had been begging all night.

“Sir! Sir, could you please point us to platform nine?” I asked, hanging on the guard’s arm like I was eye candy. I felt his muscles and pretended to swoon. “Ooh my,” I giggled. “You must be so strong.”

His only reply was to flex his muscles even more and watch as the young lady beside him admired him. I hated doing this, but I hadn’t seen any other opportunities to fuel up as I was doing then, draining as much as I could. When I was through, I let go of the guard’s arm, gave him a flirtatious smile and said, “Maybe I’ll see you later.”

The guard slumped a bit from all that was drained from him, and I winked as I passed by him. When we were far enough away that he couldn’t hear us, I let out a frustrated sigh, shivering slightly in disgust. “I can’t believe I just acted like that… I don’t know how to feel.” I glanced up at his face, which was an emotionless mask. “My mother would be proud, but that is so not me. I’m glad I’ll never have to act like that again. No thank you.”

Henry didn’t reply, only looked forward and practically dragged me forward as we boarded the train. We headed towards the back car, and sat down. A private car so that we could talk without worry of interruption. Henry was respected enough for that, even for a seventeen year old. We were silent for a moment, and the train took off. I looked around, at the bright red furnishings and the vomit green colored floor. He had said in the note that he would tell me what my “background” was on the ride there, yet there he was, as quiet as ever. I couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t spoken a word since I had flirted with the guard.

“You going to tell me about “myself” or are you just going to stare into the air like the idiot I always thought you were?” I snapped rudely.


My eyes flashed dangerously. “I said… ‘You going to tell me about “myself” or are you just going to stare into the air like the idiot I always thought you were?’  Dang… I thought you weren’t stupid too.”

He pushed me off slightly and pulled some papers from his bag. Of course, too lazy to even say the words, preferring for me to just read them instead. It was uncommon, almost unheard of girls being able to read, and again I was the rare exception. Not only did I know how to read, I knew how to read well.

Scarlett Evangeline is a fifteen year old girl who likes to knit and is good at hand to hand combat. Her family members include: her father, who is the owner of Amity’s tavern, The Amity Inn. Her mother, who is a stay at home wife that also loves to knit; and her little sister, Ember. Ember adores her older sister, and copies everything she does, and tries to do it better. She can’t wait until she has the opportunity to go to the Grand Academy like her older sibling. Ember is only at present seven years, six years away from her own entrance. Meanwhile, she is home schooled by her mother, getting a head start on the necessities for the academy by learning how to read and write.

Her favorite color is pink, like every other girl’s should be. She broke her arm when she was five years old by falling. She is very obedient and compassionate about everything she does. She loves to help others when they are in trouble or having trouble and participated at the tutor program at the academy. She thinks that she has had the most wonderful opportunities ever, almost more than a wealthy daughter should. She is humble and honest, never been one to lie.

I looked up at Henry, eyebrows coming together in the middle.

Henry spoke for the first time. “What? Too stupid to understand Basic English?” He was mad for no reason and continued, “Well, let me give you a clue, sweetheart. You have to act basically the opposite of who you actually are, and that means being sweet and innocent, not mean and snappish.”

We lapsed into silence and said nothing for the rest of the ride. When we arrived in the city, we both got our bags and headed for the carriage that is set to drop us off at the gates. I was bracing myself to say goodbye to him, without somehow making him even madder.

We were the first of the sixteen to arrive in front of the gates and Henry dutifully reached and pulled my bags out of the carriage. The carriage rode off to pick up someone else and I glanced around nervously. The letter said to come alone, and here I was, not alone. Quite the opposite of alone, if I had to be technical.

I stuck out my hand and Henry grabbed it. “Goodbye, Henry. Maybe I’ll see you soon.” Trying to be formal, but you could hear the underlying emotion in my voice. It was practically screaming, “I’m not ready! I don’t want you to leave.” My heart was tearing in two, and I knew why. That would be one of the last times I would see him. I wouldn’t be allowed to journey home, or allowed to visit him.

He pulled me close and looked into my eyes. I could feel his intention and almost pulled away. When his lips touched mine, all I could feel was pure joy, like I was floating on a cloud, or made of sunlight. The kiss was soft, feather light, and left me wondering. Wondering if he was trying to make this as hard as possible.

He opened his eyes and meets mine. “I have loved you since I met you, Scarlet Evangeline."

He turned to walk away and I whispered, "Goodbye."

The other girls showed up, but he was long gone and even in the crowd, I felt lonelier than I ever had.

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