Summer Love {Louis Tommo fanfic}

Angela Morano, a girl that was born in London, finally moves back for the summer to stay with her aunt, but what she doesn't know is that she might meet a certain important someone and will fall in love. Will this love last or will it just be a Summer Love?


6. Chapter 6. (Sorry it's short.)

I wake up in the morning and I get a text from a random number is I answer it. "Good morning beautiful <3 x ~Lou." I smile and blush. "Morning Boobear (:" As soon as I put down my phone, it buzzes again. Oh Lou. "Do you wanna hang out today, gorgeous? X ~Lou." "Sure x (: where?" He replied as fast as possible. "Meet me at the park. X(: ~Lou." I smile. "Okay, see you <3"

I put my phone down and start getting ready with a big smile on my face.

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