Summer Love {Louis Tommo fanfic}

Angela Morano, a girl that was born in London, finally moves back for the summer to stay with her aunt, but what she doesn't know is that she might meet a certain important someone and will fall in love. Will this love last or will it just be a Summer Love?


5. Chapter 5.

After the concert was over we were walking towards the exit but then Amber pulls out Meet & Greet tickets and I start screaming and I grab a ticket and run towards the room that they're doing the M&G at, but on our way there we were stopped by Paul. "Come with me. Louis wants to see you." He says while pointing at me and Amber and we walk towards the room while looking at each other. We finally get to the room and we find ourselves the only ones there. "This is so exciting, the love of my life, is right behind that door!" I whisper to Amber and I hear Paul chuckle a little. "There you go girls, we walk in there and Paul closes the door and we're standing there and Louis walks over to me. "Hello love." Louis says in a kind, soft voice. "Hello L-Louis" I say in a shy voice. He takes his finger and lifts up my chin and smiles at me. "I've been wanting to talk to you ever since I saw you in the crowd." I start shaking. "R-really?" I start tearing up. "Yes love. I gotta go now. Bye love." He says while I looked at him sticking something in my purse. I look over and Amber and her and Harry are talking up a storm. I giggle a little. "Amber we've got to go love!" I laugh. "Okay! Bye Harry!" She screams. "Here love take my number." He give it to her and kisses her and she runs over to me and we leave.

This has seriously been the best night ever.

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