Summer Love {Louis Tommo fanfic}

Angela Morano, a girl that was born in London, finally moves back for the summer to stay with her aunt, but what she doesn't know is that she might meet a certain important someone and will fall in love. Will this love last or will it just be a Summer Love?


16. Chapter 14.

I was sitting in a room, all alone. There was no one in the room. Just me. My arms were tied up behind my back. I was scared. I want Louis. I hope they're not freaking out. Suddenly the metal door swung open and it was Michael. My ex. He finally came back. I started to struggle to untie the ropes but he came over and kissed my neck. Right over the scar he left. I was scared. He was going to rape me. I try to scream but he slapped my cheek, I cried. "Shut up slut, or you get no food" I hope Louis comes for me soon.


I turn around and she's gone. He took her. I gotta worn the boys. "Guys! Angela is gone! " I break down and cry. "Don't worry Lou, we'll find her and bring her home." Liam says with a reassuring smile.

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