Summer Love {Louis Tommo fanfic}

Angela Morano, a girl that was born in London, finally moves back for the summer to stay with her aunt, but what she doesn't know is that she might meet a certain important someone and will fall in love. Will this love last or will it just be a Summer Love?


11. Chapter 10.

{Angela's POV}

I just got home from a day with Louis. He finally asked me to be his, I honestly didn't think it would ever happen because he's famous and he could have any girl he wanted to but he chose me . I start smiling to myself but then my phone buzzes. "Angela! Louis and Harry wanna know if we would like to spend the night with them and the lads tonight. You up for it?" I text her back as fast as possible. "Yes! Tell them were on our way!" As soon as I put my phone down I start getting ready and I pack. This is gonna be so much fun

Louis and Harry texted us the address and now we're outside their flat. "I'm scared" I tell Amber. "It's okay. We can handle a few boys." She smiles and we knock on the door.

{3 hours later} "What do you guys wanna do?" Harry says in a bored voice. I start smirking. "What about truth or dare?" I say and everyone agrees. "I'll get the bottle." Amber says and spins the bottle. It lands on Niall. "Niall, truth or dare?" Amber says. "Dare." Poor innocent Niall. "Okay, I dare you to, walk outside and scream mm baby while you're just in your boxers." Everyone bursts out laughing but Niall actually does it. We all get at least 1 pic and 1 video of it. We even got one video of him doing the dare and a old lady sacking him with her purse. It was hilarious. Niall picks up the bottle and It lands on me and I do my dare. I spin the bottle and it lands on Liam. "Liam, truth or dare!" I say. "Dare." He says. "I dare to kiss anyone in this room." I say with a smile. "I can't, the one I wanna kiss has a boyfriend.." He says depressed. "Guys, this is boring, let's watch tv." Zayn says. We all get up and sit on the couch, and turn on the tv. First it's Harry and Amber, then Zayn, then Niall and Liam and last of all , me and Louis.

Everyone is asleep and soon so are me and Louis.

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