The Odds Were Never In Our Favor

hi my name is Cassey, Cassey Mellark i have blonde hair bright blue eyes this is my story where the games never ended me and my brother Conner have to cross our finger because tomorrow is the chossing day and the odds are never in our favor.


2. Chapter two

cassey's pov.


Today is picking day Mom and Dad hugged Conner and i really tight squeezing the air out of us,Today is the day that is life or death. we said are last goodbyes and walked over to where the line was name please the Guard said cassey ,Cassey Mellark he scribbled something onto a paper and grabbed my finger and stabbed it with the neddle and pushed it onto the paper then let go. thanks i said rudely waiting for conner to get back.

After he got back we walked to the choosing area and then separeted (the girls on the left guys on the right btw) A lady walked up onto the stage lets justy say it looked like a box of markers threw up all over her.

Hello everyone She said in her snotty way we watched the movie blah blah blah skip to the picking time ladys first she said with the same snotty sneer. I was sweating rivers down my face as she called out lilly brown i was jumping on the inside intill i relized lilly wasent old enough to get picked she was only 9.

Oh btw everyone rule change anyone can get picked under the age of 18 what i yelled out i volenteer i said i cant let alittle girl get murdered in there. Everyone gasped i guess its kind of weird because my mom did the same thing. but next the snotty lady called out come up here dear. I slowly walked up. she said now lets choose for the boys. She dug her hands around and finally stopped and pulled it out Conner Mellark he ran up almost proud he got picked. whats wrong with him i mentally slapped him. Ok now come with me the lady said and with that we were off to our death. Like i said before The odds are NEVER in our favor.

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