The Odds Were Never In Our Favor

hi my name is Cassey, Cassey Mellark i have blonde hair bright blue eyes this is my story where the games never ended me and my brother Conner have to cross our finger because tomorrow is the chossing day and the odds are never in our favor.


1. chapter one

cassey's Pov.


Hi my names Cassey, Casssey Mellark ya I know whta your thinking my parents are Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen. You are probably thinking the games are over and we are all happy riding unicorns over rainbows sorry but you got the wrong story here. This is the first time me and my twin brother conner can get picked all i have to say is i'm scared. Anut prim said she was too and not to be scared but look where that got us, her name was only is once and she got picked. Conner has his name in twice and i have mine in three times. lets just cross our fingers because the odds our NEVER in our favor.



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