Narry daddy kink

When little Nail invite Zayn over for a play date, things get more playful then Harry thought, leaving his son begging for more.


5. daddy's magic juice

'oh my gosh daddy! this ones better!' nail says.

'mmhmm these are daddy's lucky charms' to that nail sits up and lunges at Harry's wet cock and attempts to lick off the cum.

'magic juice!' and lick it again.

'will you let daddy put some magic juice in you baby cakes?'

He nods and lays down again. without a warning Harry shoves half it in, to see how much he can handle. he moves his hips back and forth as his soon squeals and squirms around.


and Harry shoves more in. he uses more force, faster pulses, as his son reaches his high. Harry moans as 'magic juice' squirts out all over his sons belly and sheets.

'YAAaaYYaaAAaaYY' he squeals.

'DdDdAaAaDdDdYy.' he whines.

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