Narry daddy kink

When little Nail invite Zayn over for a play date, things get more playful then Harry thought, leaving his son begging for more.


4. daddy sorry

Nail puts it in his mouth and tickles it with his tongue. Harry moans with delight as his son gently munches. Harry thrusts his hips forwards, pushing more in and making nail gag.

when he try's to pull away, Harry grabs his head and pushes it back, forcing more in, with precum dripping down his face. Nail fights back a bit and accidently bites his cock making him scream.


Seed goes dripping all over the bed sheets. Licking the cum off his face nail mumbles

's-sorry daddy' Harry looks at his son.

'do you really mean that?'

nail nods.

'Will you make daddy feel better?'

He nods.

He puts some lube on his finger and slides it down his back, tickling nail. we ant help but give his tiny willy a gentle squeeze. so tiny fitting perfectly in his hand. He shove his finger in, making nail jump up, but relaxing. He squeals as he twirls it.

'd-daddyy...' he pulls it out, afraid that he hurt him. '

Again' this time he shoves 2 fingers in. making his son squirm around. He has to hold him down when he twirls some more, bending his finger to stretch it out now that it was getting tight.

'Your all tight for daddy' Harry says sounding proud. He turns son belly down exposing his cute Irish buttom.

So small

So fragile

So perfect

He shoves his fingures in again, stretching out the hole preparing it for the big gun.



Then he pulls his fingures out and starts to slide the tip in.

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