Narry daddy kink

When little Nail invite Zayn over for a play date, things get more playful then Harry thought, leaving his son begging for more.


1. daddy please

'Hey kido!'

yells Harry as he sees his 6 year old son Nail run Throught the classroom doors.


he squeals as he jumps up, hugging Harry.

'How was your day today, lad?' '

I made a friend!' then he points to the kid that stood beside him.


'Nice to meet you zayn!' says Harry. Zayn blushes.

'Can he come over daddy? please pleaee PLEEEZE PLE-''okay! Sure!' after talking to his mother, exchanging adresses, he drives to overly-hyper children home.

When they arrive they go running off to Nails room. Harry starts to prepare a snack for the boys, taco salad, when Gemma goes rushing out the door. 'Hey ge-' 'HeyHazzaimlateforameetinggottarunimatakeyourcarek?okBYEEE!' and goes running out. Harry realizes that the boys have been awfully quite so he goes to check. As he climbs up the Streep he hears giggling, so he decides it's all good. but then he hears something between a moan and a squeal and goes rising into Nails room.

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