Narry daddy kink

When little Nail invite Zayn over for a play date, things get more playful then Harry thought, leaving his son begging for more.


8. daddy night-night

Nail then stars to bounces a bit, as Harry guides his own penis into his jolly jumper son. his son starts off sloppy, but slowly starts speeding up. Harry moans with delight as his son jumps back and forth.

'I got it daddy!'

'f-faster Naenae fa-faster..'

Harry says as his son speeds up. Harry came for the second time do far, making Nail bounce harder. he scoots up, sliding more of Harry's length into his.

'like this daddy?' he says.

'perfect baby perFECT' and Harry squirted right into Nail.

Nail stops to catch his breath.


nail said sounding worried.

he was holding his cock as it was soaked with seed.

'magic juice!'

'will you give daddy some magic,love' Harry asked

Without a response, nails shoves it in Harry's face, accidentally slapping him across the face with it. Harry laughs and sucks it, playfully biting it and gently pulling out it.

'I'm gonna spill daddeeeeee'

and Harry's mouth fills up with a hot liquid.

after a few more blows, Harry pulls away and swallows what was in his moth. He turns around to pick up another Barbie, picks his son up by the legs exposing his entrances and shoves it in again, feet first this time.

'I like the other way daddy' he says.

'sorry honeylamb and pulls it out.

Then Harry catches sight of the light up muppets clock by his sons bed.


'Holy cheese and crackers nails it's waaaaaay paste your bedtime!'

as he Throws his son under the convers. he kills the lights and right before he walks out the door he hears:


'ya snookums?'

'can we have playtime tomorrow too?'

then a smile streched across his faces

'we'll see Naenae'

and he shuts the door.

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