Narry daddy kink

When little Nail invite Zayn over for a play date, things get more playful then Harry thought, leaving his son begging for more.


3. daddy more

Harrys was starting to bulge out, and nail seemed to noticed. 'anser!' he yells bringing back his focus.

'I'm sorry d-daddy! I like it!'

He starts to tear up and tighten the grip on his willy. Harry felt bad and sat beside him, hiding his boner.

'So are you a big boy now?' Nail nods. Harry tries to cover it up, but Nail places his hand on it right on it,shocking Harry.

'I have this too' he says.

Harry realized his son was also having a boner. A tear streaked down Nails face.

'it hurts daddy'*sniff*

Harry lost it. he wanted to help his son, but how? he was only 6. But he did it anyways.

'Daddy will help you' he said. And a smile lit up on nails face.

wait here' he went to his bedroom and pulled some lube from this drawer. He returns and without pants or boxers. nails eyes nearly pop out.

'I-it's so big daddy'

'mmhmm if you eat your vegetables your grow on just like this' he says laying his son down on his back. 'Daddy's gonna end the pain okay?' He sits on top of his little son, but keeping his weight from crushing him. and grabs Nails little penis and gently started to pull it, maki g his son squirm under him.

'It's tickles daddy!' he sad with delight 'more'!

He plays with it a bit more then says 'okay now can you make daddy feel good?' Nail quickly nods. he sits up as Harry shoves his cock in his face. he smiles and grabs it, and starts doing the length.

Harry lets out a small moan. 'eat it' he whispers.

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