Narry daddy kink

When little Nail invite Zayn over for a play date, things get more playful then Harry thought, leaving his son begging for more.


2. daddy look

'Whatcha d-' then he sees his son who was only in his boxers kneeling I front of Zayn, who wasn't wearing anything below the waist. His hands were wrapped around Zayns small immature cock, which was slightly dripping. Nail looks atHarry with a huge grin.

'Look daddy!'

he says, as he lunges his head forward placing his lips on the tip. Harry instantly grabs his son throwing him aside.

'What are you doing?!' he yells. 'z-zayn showed m-me..' he stutters. He looks at the other child, who know looked terrified. 'Gets dressed I'm calling your mother'

After calling his mom, the play date gets ended early. Harry goes to see his son again, still shocked at what he just witnessed. He walk into the room to see his soon sitting naked cross-legged on his bed, rubbing at in between his thighs. 'Nail..' He asked.

He could feel his dick getting tight and hot, cramping up.

'W-what are you do-oing? he chokes out. He looks up with his beatiful innocent face.

He wanted him.

He wanted to be in him.

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