Good girl changed

Zoe(aka zo) is a 16 girl.Good at her work and sticks by the rules.What will happen when she falls for bad boy Zayn,who's the total opposite,f- grades,bunks off school also,will zo's fame change her?will zo ever be that good girl?.......


8. Zayns POV

(3 months later zoe and Zayn are still dating,but they are both famous,and are now pops power couple)

I don't know,I don't really know if i love zoe as much as I used to,I mean,she's still not giving me what I want from her.But this girl Perrie (non famous) is,I actually love perrie and we like you know "do it" every week,I don't know how to break up with Zoe.

(With perrie)

*knock knock*

I opened the door and it was Zoe.

Za:hey zoe what you doing here?

Z:here to see you!

"Zayn babe CMON perries missin ya!"I here perrie say.

Z:wait what.zayn who's in there,WHOS IN THERE ZAYN!

Za:umm yea zoe were over,cya

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