Good girl changed

Zoe(aka zo) is a 16 girl.Good at her work and sticks by the rules.What will happen when she falls for bad boy Zayn,who's the total opposite,f- grades,bunks off school also,will zo's fame change her?will zo ever be that good girl?.......


6. Zayns POV

I loved zo for her personality but her styling was a bit babyish.

We went to Topshop,ugg and doc marten.Zo's favourite shop,we got like ripped clothing,Playsuites and jump suites,crop tops,lace tops,shorts,doc martens,uggs. Etc.

Next was makeup,we got darker mac colours like browns and blacks and purple lipstick and red lips and stuff,next,the hair.......

Za:so,I'm treating you to a professional hair dressers!

Z:Awwww thank you zayny!

Za:well,you are my girlfriend.

Z:yes I am

I put my arm around her shoulder and walked her to the hairdressers.

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