Good girl changed

Zoe(aka zo) is a 16 girl.Good at her work and sticks by the rules.What will happen when she falls for bad boy Zayn,who's the total opposite,f- grades,bunks off school also,will zo's fame change her?will zo ever be that good girl?.......


24. stay with me forever

Liam's POV

I really love Zoe, she was always liked by me,but wow!now she was just loved completely.

"Zoe,I know you loved niall" I say,"I did,I just guess it wasn't meant to be."do you wanna watch I movie???"I ask,"sure!,something scary!!!" "Your a sucker for horror films!,how about Mama?"I suggest,"yeah!!!.....can I change first?" "Sure,I'll make the popcorn while I'm waiting"

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