Good girl changed

Zoe(aka zo) is a 16 girl.Good at her work and sticks by the rules.What will happen when she falls for bad boy Zayn,who's the total opposite,f- grades,bunks off school also,will zo's fame change her?will zo ever be that good girl?.......


16. my 20th birthday!

Nialls POV

(Skipping I don't know how long😂)

It was my 20th birthday,and Zo had organised a party for me at our new apartment in London.She invited all our new friends like,Katy Perry,Rihanna,Justin Timberlake yep JT was in my apartment!it was the best party ever!!!!

(Skipping party)

It was 6 in the morning and everyone was just gone Zo and I sat down on tej couch and cuddled up we turned on the TV.when on the Celeb news channel it come up "Niall Horan cheats on kiss mix star Zoe Morris,with a American stripper" "me and Niall had a one night stand when he was on tour here after the MSG gig."

What I never saw this girl before!Zo's never going to believe me!

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