Good girl changed

Zoe(aka zo) is a 16 girl.Good at her work and sticks by the rules.What will happen when she falls for bad boy Zayn,who's the total opposite,f- grades,bunks off school also,will zo's fame change her?will zo ever be that good girl?.......



Hey guys,So I know I said I'm not doing a sequel........Well I am.Ive wrote other books and none of them have got the same reaction as this,so I will be writing a sequel.I am begging to write and I will let you guys know the name and whatever else,when I'm happy and satisfied with the first chapter.Thanks again for all the support on this book and I hope I get the same result for the sequel ino I changed the ending cos I didn't know whilst writing that chapter that I was having a sequel💕 xxAvaxx

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