Today i live, tomorrow i die!

I'm so stupid. My life is over! I can't anymore!
In this story I tell u why.

One day there come more.


5. Day 5!

I wake up, i go in School. I look at Alex and his new girlfriend. I cry a little. I look at Them kiss and it hurts me. He brooked me so hard. I go away from the school and over too a little pleads with out people. It was much better. But I can't stop thinking about Alex kiss with that bitch! ARGHH! I hate it! I slap myself, bite myself. I hurts myself to forget, but I can't forget. It is not so easy because I have loved him.

I don't go back to the school but down to the water. I can't go home my dad have drunk and he have girls with him home at they have sex... I stay away!

I wash my head a little in the water it was cold. I like to fill the water.

"Am I crazy?" I ask myself and think yes I am!

I cut in my arm and look on the blood running... It is... Beautiful? I cry much and think about Alex again. I hate him so much! I look on a bird. I wanna be that bird so I can be free and nobody will bullied me anymore. I hate to be this person.. This human!

I sitting on my bed and hear BvB - saviour. I cry much and try to forget Alex. But it is really not so easy! Why is it not so easy??

I made a sad song, I sing it for myself and like it. I will never see Alex again.

I go to sleep without eating or something. I will just away from all!!

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