Today i live, tomorrow i die!

I'm so stupid. My life is over! I can't anymore!
In this story I tell u why.

One day there come more.


4. Day 4!

I wake up and feel my happy, I do me ready and go to school with Alex. Nobody bullied me after Alex was being my boyfriend. I have a good day today in school and Alex kissed me over for all. It was nice I like it and I really love him.

"I love u" he say to me and kiss me.

"I love u too" I smile and kiss back.

He have to go so I was alone the last time in school. After school I go home, I have write and call Alex many times now and he don't take it. He say he will call me but now I have not hear from him in over 3 hours. But I think he not have time right now so I just wait. I lay in my bed and draw a crying angel and hear BvB - Rebel Love Song. I look many times on my phone but he never write or call.

I go to the kitchen and take something to drink, I go back to my bedroom and look on my phone. I think he is angry on me or something. I made my home work and go over to his house and nock on the door.

His mom opened the door "hey!" She smile.

"Hi, is Alex home?" I smile back.

"No he is over with his girlfriend?" She smile.

"Wait what?!!" I run away down to the water. And his mom look after me and go inside again. I look on the water and cry and say to my self many time. "I know that, he was not true, I hate my life!!" I cry much and this pain come back and I scream.

I wake up on the hospital and my head hurts. I look on my dad he look in my eyes and say slow.

"Ar.. Are u... Okay?" He look at me.

"Yes dad I'm fine?" I look on my hands.

"No u are not! Tell me why u try to kill u self?!" He look angry at me.

"Take it easy, Alex have another. I don't try to kill myself?" I look at him.

"I... I.." He hug me, it was first time my dad have give me a lovely hug. I hug back.

Later we drive home, I go to my bedroom and sleep fast I was very tired.

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