Today i live, tomorrow i die!

I'm so stupid. My life is over! I can't anymore!
In this story I tell u why.

One day there come more.


3. Day 3!

I wake up and do me ready to school. Then I'm ready I go to school and again people look at me. I go to my class and there was happening something. A boy... A boy go over to me, he's name is Alex. He asked me.

"How are u today?" He smile to me.

I look at him "" I look behind me.

"Yea u?" He smile and look on my arm and so he look in my eyes.

"I'm fine?" I just look in he's blue beautiful eyes.

"I'm not so sure" he touch my arm and look at me.

"Hmm... No I'm not fine" I look at him.

He give me his number and I was together with him all the day in school. I think he is the first person there like me.

"Can u do something after school?" He asked me.

"Yea sure I can" I smile to him and he smile back.

We go home to him and he have a really nice family and a cool house.

"What will u do?" He asked and lay in he's bed.

"I don't know?" I look at him. He do so I can lay there to. So I do it and lay with him. He try to kiss me, I don't know what I have to do so I kiss him. We kiss long time. It was amazing he's lips was perfect. After long time he fallow me home, he kiss me goodbye. I kiss back.

I go inside and eat and I write much with him. He was my boyfriend now. My Alex boy.

When I have to sleep I couldn't. I was thinking about Alex, he's beautiful brown hair, blue eyes and very sweet lips. He is very cute and he is the first person there really love me.

I sleep and dream about him. A good dream.

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