Today i live, tomorrow i die!

I'm so stupid. My life is over! I can't anymore!
In this story I tell u why.

One day there come more.


2. Day 2!

I wake up home with my dad and think about I will not in school today. And so I go inside to my dad and made this little crazy voice.

"Dad? I have it not so good" I say to him and do so I look sick.

"So stay home" he just say and look in a book.

I go to my room and jump out at my window. I go down to the water and look out over the water. I touch the water with my hand and love to see it. I think about all bad things there was happening in my life, it hurts. I get this pain there hurts so much. I couldn't move. I try to come up but it was not so easy. But I come up again and go home. I jump inside from my window and lay in my bed but I can't sleep. So I go out in my kitchen and get something to eat. I look on my arm and my cut bleed again. I take the blood away and go inside my bedroom again.

I wake up and can hear a noice. I try to find it but I can't find it. I go out on the bathroom and go in bath. I sit down and feel the water run over me. I go out and take dress on. I go back to my bedroom and sleep.

My dad wake me up. He was drunk, so I puss him inside he's bedroom. I locked my door. To the evening I go out and eat and so I go back on my bedroom and think about death. I read the book Death Note. It is a good book and I have soon read them all.

I can hear my dad have a women with him home, I can hear them have sex inside his bedroom. It is so ugly! I run away to the water and cry very much and I can feel the pain inside me. This pain hurts me with my heart. I jump inside the water and swim down. After I have much I swim up again. I go home and take my dress off and take another on. I locked my door and slap my pillow very much and scream inside me. I bite in my pillow and scream. I take it easy now and look on my arm. I think about cutting but I don't. I look on the moon. The moon is so beautiful in the darkness. I love to look at it. I lay in my bed and sleep.

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